If your business sells to other businesses I should be on your sales team.

You know you need great content, compellingly written to grow your business. I write the copy that helps you get good leads and convert prospects to customers.  

When I write your copy, for your sales letters to targeted prospects via e-mail or snail mail, your web pages, landing pages, case studies, your video, audio or print media copy,  history says your results can be winners.

Did I mention in the past 20+ years my freelance creative services clients tell me my copy writing  and voice acting have helped generate

 over $188 MILLION in new revenue?

That's generally considered pretty fine generating.

Buyers & sellers both happy.


Your story. I help write it right.

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Speaking of winning...

You want professionals on your team, what ever they do for you.

Help yourself win by engaging copy writing pros that belong to these esteemed organizations. I'm a proud member of all of them.

​Mike Hanson - Copywriter

I become part of your sales team. I become like them. I add to their cool, their caring ways, but, try as I might, maybe not their facial hair.

Hey. I'm here to write copy that gets you results. not shaving contest gigs.

Si! No la paja!