B2B Marketers Do It Too.

They use email as a marketing tool

… what did you think I mean?

Email marketing can work very well for B2B providers, as long as these truths are self-evident:

  • The product or service adds value for the sender, as well as, the receiver.
  • The offer is easily deliverable. You don’t want to offer a product that you can’t deliver if demand grows rapidly.
  • The offer is easily transferable. Email and Web pages in the 21st century are the best media to make this happe
  • The most effective marketing campaigns use existing networks to move their message along.

The greatest things about email marketing? 

I suggest at least these three:

  • It is very cost effective when written persuasively
  • It can go viral when that happens, making it almost free
  • When viral your marketing works virtually by itself.

Once you make an offer and provide the facility for referrals, viral marketing spreads like… well… a virus…but the good kind. Nothing to sneeze at.

The basis of email marketing has been around for a long time. Longer than email.

What is that basis?  Reciprocity.

Everyone likes recognition especially with a reward he or she values.

To implement email marketing at your business, tap into that staple of human nature.

Using email makes it incredibly easy to pass information on to a friend or colleague, especially if it involves something fun or free.

Incite existing customers to refer new ones by rewarding them when they do. Offer them an incentive such as something they may have purchased from you before, but can earn a significant discount on future purchases for every referral they send you and a bonus if the referral also becomes a customer.

Second, go to your referral sources. Encourage your outside network and colleagues with reciprocally inspired gestures to them when they provide referrals that lead to business.

With billions now using the web worldwide, and their email usually  the first thing all users check, the potential for exponential growth from email marketing is tremendous.

Mike Hanson

The NO BS B2B Copywriter

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